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Residential Maintenance

Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance

Importance of having routine maintenance performed on your HVAC system.

Having routine maintenance keeps your cooling and heating system at peak performance. The annual check-ups include a compilation of diagnostic and performance tests focused on the efficiency of your unit.  Even a dirty air filter can cause your system to perform poorly and cause premature breakdown.  


Important Note:  HVAC manufacturers recommend routine  

maintenance to be done every twelve months to maintain the warranty coverage of your system.

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Bi Annaul Maintenance Agreement includes:

Tighten All Electrical Connections – Loose connections causes arcing and inflicts damage by improper voltage or amperage on major components.

Test for Proper Voltage – Compressor damage can incur from improper voltage.

Test Blower Motor for Proper Operation – Improper airflow drastically lowers efficiency of the entire system.

Test Heat Strip for Proper Operation and AMP Draw – Damaged heat strips can cause extremely high electric bills.

Wipe off return air grill and indoor unit – Keeping dirt and dust from building up is important.

Check Air Filter and clean or replace if needed– Keeping the air filter changed regularly is vital to the efficiency of the system.  Note:  Customer must provide filter or we can provide one at                      an additional cost.

Inspect Evaporator Coil and Advise of Condition – Dirty indoor coil can cause damage to the compressor eventually overtime (Very expensive repair bill).

Test All Safety Controls & Switches – Safety controls are essential for the protection of your home from unwanted damages due to furnace failure or a clogged drain line.

Clean Condenser Coil – Dirty outdoor coil can cause airflow restriction and excessive wear on the compressor.

Test Condenser Fan Motor & blade for Proper Operation – Improper airflow lowers the overall efficiency of the system.

Test Relays and Capacitors – Weak capacitors shorten the life of the blower & condenser motors as well as the compressor.

Test Amperage Draw on Compressor and Fan Motors – Indicates that components are operating properly.

Check Refrigerant Pressures – Improper refrigerant charge can cause system to not cool or heat properly and results in prolonged run cycles and extremely high Utility Bills.

Clean and Flush Condensate Pan and Drain Line – Drain lines can clog and cause water to overflow in your home.

Test Coil Temperatures for Proper Cooling/Heating – Temperature readings can indicate if there is a malfunctioning control(s) causing premature wear on components.

Test Reversing Valve for proper functioning - In Florida, Heat pumps are the major heating & cooling systems in residential applications.  The reversing valve is the main component that controls the heating or cooling cycle.  

Test Defrost Control operation - Heat pumps have to use a defrost cycle when operating in the heat mode.  The outdoor coil will eventually ice over during cold weather conditions.  If the defrost control does not operate properly, system efficiency will be effected causing high utility bills.  

Test System in Cooling/Heating for Proper Operation – Overall test of your equipment to ensure proper performance and efficiency.


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Our Guarantee to you

Keeping your heating and air conditioning system operating properly and efficiently is what we do.  We provide a thorough tune up inspection twice a year to ensure your heating and cooling system will keep operating for you. We will always make recommendations when any parts are showing signs of possible failure and replace them at the customer's approval.  We can't always guarantee untimely breakdowns but we can lower the chances of it happening by performing routine tune ups. 

A Degree Above Heating & Air Conditioning LLC is a Licensed and insured HVAC Contractor.  We are committed in serving all of the Greater Jacksonville area and surrounding counties with our experienced and professional team.

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