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Commercial Preventative Maintenance


Quarterly Preventative Maintenance


Quarterly Preventative maintenance is the way to stay on top of the performance and efficiency of your business HVAC equipment.  It will help maximize your equipment life expectancy and we will maintain your heating and cooling equipment by making recommendations on replacing parts that are showing signs of failure so equipment downtime is minimized. This does not mean that parts will not fail unexpectedly, but with our Quarterly Preventative Maintenance Agreement, it will minimize the occurence of possbile part failures.


Also, utility costs are decreased because the equipment is working to its peak performance based upon the age of the equipment.  All commercial customers that have quarterly commercial maintenance do receive a discounted hourly rate on service call repairs and priority status on scheduling.



Commercail Preventative Maintenance helps to:
  • Maintain system energy efficiency

  • Maintain system performance

  • Minimizes inconvenient and costly breakdowns

  • Extends equipment life expectancy

  • Maintains safety of system's operation

  • Keep your business environment comfortable for your staff and customers

Below is a list of what we check during a commercial routine maintenance inspection service:


  1. Clean return air and supply air vents.

  2. Inspect thermostat.

  3. Check blower motor for proper balance rotation, lubricate bearings, inspect and change belt if needed.  (Belt provided by company will be at an additional charge if not included with quote.)

  4. Ensure blower housing mounts and fasteners are tight

  5. Inspect & replace customer supplied filter or we will provide at additional charge if not included with quote.

  6. Inspect electrical wiring and connections

  7. Inspect and clean burners if applicable.

  8. Inspect contactor, capacitors and other controls.

  9. Ensure evaporator coil is clean.

  10. Ensure condensate drain line is clear.

  11. Inspect and clean condenser coil.

  12. Inspect condenser fan motor and blades (oil motor if applicable).

  13. Check suction and discharge pressures.

  14. Check blower motor,  fan motor and compressor amperage readings.

  15. Take all temperature readings.

  16. Check operation of reversing valve.

  17. Inspect defrost controls.

  18. Check for proper airflow across coils.

  19. Check superheat and subcooling temperature readings.

  20. Check refrigerant charge.

  21. Check amp draw on heating elements.





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